Grand Theft Auto VI / GTA VI / GTA 6

The game Grand Theft Auto VI will unfold again in a fictional city, but based on a real prototype. The games of the series are characterized by complete freedom of action and an open world. The developers said that they did not plan to be limited to the American continent and that the action of the new part of the game in the GTA series could be transferred to other cities of the world. The prototype of the new city can be Houston, which contains a variety of colorful locations, and is also home to Mexican drug cartels. Thus, he is one of the main candidates for appearing in GTA VI. Also, according to rumors, developers are eyeing cities such as Paris, London and Las Vegas.

Be that as it may, there is a chance that the Rockstar team will once again return gamers to one of the cities from the previous parts of the series. In particular, one of the possible options is Vice City. At the same time, the developers admitted that they always wanted to unite all the cities from the games in the series. As the game world with each series becomes more and more, it is possible that in the game GTA 6 the game world will consist entirely of several cities, including Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City.

According to the president of Rockstar Games, the developers already have “a lot of ideas for 45 years ahead,” which will form the basis of the new game. One of these ideas is to change the main character of the game. And if in the previous parts of the series, the main character was one, then with the release of the fifth part, the developers expanded the list of main characters. In GTA VI, one of the main characters can be a girl. This was stated by the chief screenwriter of Rockstar Games, who admitted that the developers have been looking for opportunities for gamers to get acquainted with the female character for quite some time. Be that as it may, until now such an opportunity has not been presented.

Even in the absence of an official announcement of the game, several speculations about the release date of GTA 6 have already appeared on the network. Some sources speak of 2017, while others are more inclined towards 2018. Be that as it may, it is obvious that the Rockstar Games team will take advantage of the new technologies that the modern gaming industry offers. For example, developers a few months before the official announcement of Microsoft HoloLens tested the new technology and will not use holograms if this justifies the storyline and gameplay mechanics. Virtual reality goggles can also be one of the possibilities in Grand Theft Auto 6, as well as the first-person view in the fifth part of the series.

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