Watch Dogs: Legion

The third game in Ubisoft’s 3rd-person action-adventure series of open-source games in the open world.

Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure game from Ubisoft Toronto, the third part of its series, continuing Watch Dogs (2014) and Watch Dogs 2 (2016). The action takes place in a fictional version of London, with a view from the 3rd person. The player can control several characters that can be hired in the game world. During the adventure, characters can be lost forever. You can move around the world on foot or by transport. The game also includes an expanded cooperative multiplayer with support for 4 players. Players can work together in single and multiplayer modes.

The history of the game focuses on the attempts of the London branch of the hacker group DedSec to oppose the new authoritarian regime that seized control of London and the rest of Great Britain. The control tool is the advanced ctOS control system. To assist in their task, the group hires allies from the city. Each ally has personal skills and background. The group hopes to free the city. The individual qualities of the characters have a dynamic effect on the game during its development.

Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure game with a third-person perspective. The game takes place in an open world of fictional recreation of London. In the world there are noteworthy places and cultural styles of London. The player can move around the city on foot or by transport. Unlike previous games in the series, where the plot was developed by one protagonist, Legion allows you to control multiple characters. Each such character can be hired during a unique mission. These characters have their own background and personal circumstances of life, which determines their special skills.

When a character is hired as a player, he is assigned one of three classes: combat, stealth, or hacker. Characters can be improved by raising them by completing missions and activities, revealing updates that give them new tools and abilities. Each class has its own set of updates. Also, the game includes many options for customizing each character. At any time, the player can switch between characters. However, during the passage of any character may become inaccessible forever. In an event where the current character is seriously injured, the player can choose: surrender to opponents and save him with the help of another character, or try to resist and get rid of his pursuers, risking being killed. The killed character will forever drop out of the list of playable characters, so the player is forced to switch to another character.

The player can join the team in cooperative gameplay with support for 4 people. In this case, the progress will be common for single and multiplayer modes.

Development and Release
Watch Dogs: Legion is being developed at Ubisoft Toronto, led by creative director Clint Hawking. Development support is provided by related companies: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Reflections.

On June 5, 2019, Ubisoft posted the teaser for Watch Dogs: Legion on Twitter. Soon after, the game was announced at E3 2019, saying that it will be released on March 6, 2020. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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