The Elder Scrolls 6 leak revealed the most important

Since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda has not provided any additional information, forcing fans around the world to share their theories and conjectures. A new TES 6 leak surfaced on the Reddit network share, and was soon removed by the author, which may hint at its reliability, reports. According to new data, the developers have only recently entered the active phase of work on The Elder Scrolls 6, as they were previously engaged in full-scale work on the Starfield space game. However, since the development of Starfield is close to completion, now the company is sweeping all the resources to TES 6. The insider claims that the Starfield gameplay will be demonstrated already at E3 2020, and the game itself may be released this year.

As for The Elder Scrolls VI, then another years will pass before the release of this game, since the release is planned only for 2024. The authors plan to implement in TES 6 an open world of unprecedented scale, which will take time and resources. In addition, Bethesda does not want to rush and risk with its most successful and well-known series, and therefore it will deal with TES 6 as much as necessary. One of the main innovations of the game, the insider calls his own ship, which will be at the disposal of gamers. The offshore section of TES 6 will include explorations, battles, looting, and more.

A new leak reveals that the scene of The Elder Scrolls 6 will immediately become two large provinces of Tamriel – Hammerfell (Hammerfell) and High Rock (High Rock). At the same time, at the moment 70% of Hammerfell territories are already ready. In The Elder Scrolls VI, developers use a new method of creating a landscape, and all modern technologies, including photogrammetry, and therefore fans will be amazed at the quality of the future game.

The new drain on The Elder Scrolls VI does not yet offer confirmed information, and therefore fans should not perceive all the merged information as reliable. Perhaps already this year the developers of TES 6 will officially comment on the current state of TES VI, or even show a new trailer. According to, the first and so far only TES 6 teaser was shown at E3 2018, and since then the authors have remained silent.

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