The final view of the PS5 leaked to the network

The well-known insider, who often posted reliable data on consoles on the network, posted fresh images on Twitter with drawings and a photo of the new generation PS5 console from Sony. According to, for the first time a new device from Sony with an unusual cross-shaped design was lit up on frames. If you believe the leak, the new PS5 console in its basic version will be delivered in black, will receive beveled edges of a geometric shape, and the PlayStation logo will be located at the top of the console. On additional PS5 illustration diagrams, you can see additional details, for example, the power button of the console and the drive button, the disk hole itself, USB ports, as well as ventilation holes. Also, apparently, it will remain possible to place the console in a horizontal or vertical position at the discretion of the owner.

Many users did not appreciate the new design of the PS5, which was shown on the network. Sony fans felt that the design of the device resembles the Xbox, and were also upset that the PS4 Pro and PS5 look completely unattractive. Others couldn’t even believe in the leak, saying that the PS5’s design “looks ridiculous,” and the console is “garbage-like.” It remains to wait for the official presentation of the PS5 to find out if the new leak turned out to be true.

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