The stolen source codes of Cyberpunk 2077 put up for auction – the data has already been bought

Earlier this week, Cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red announced that their servers had been hacked by unknown persons.

Now, it looks like these hackers are ready to cash out a lot of data through the auction, which supposedly includes the source code for some of the Polish studio’s largest games.

According to a screenshot from Twitter vx underground, where collections of source codes from the Internet are published, CD Projekt Red hackers apparently posted the data on the Russian hacker forum Exploit. A user named redengine claims to have the source code for Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (both the original game and the upcoming version for the next generation of consoles) and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

They also say that the stolen data includes many internal documents and, according to the seller, “violations” of CD Projekt Red, although the studio assures that no personal information of the players and users of the studio’s services was obtained by hackers.

The HelloKitty ransomware group claimed responsibility for the hacker attack. Interestingly, the lot was tied to Moscow time in Russian and English. The starting bid was $ 1 million, and a post on the Exploit forum also stated that the data could be bought outright without auction for $ 7 million.

The auction was successful and someone acquired the stolen data from CD Projekt Red. We do not know how much the materials were purchased for.

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