Minecraft Earth – Review on the game

A spin-off of Minecraft in augmented reality for mobile devices. The game will be released for the 10th anniversary of the series.

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality (AR) game for Android and iOS. The player can build structures with other players, placing them in the real world in a real life size. The open beta for the game starts in mid-2019 for Android and iOS devices that support AR.


Players can build different objects on a real scale and place them in the real world. The game has many unique aspects and interactions that resemble the main game, but it is not a port of an existing game, rather an adaptation of Bedrock and Java editions. This version of the game is based on the Bedrock engine. The game will use Xbox Live.

Minecraft Earth is based on survival, the player walks around the real world, defeats crowds and collects resources. Game time can be spent on getting resources, killing, or getting experience and rewards in the Adventure.

The adventure is similar to the basic survival mode from Minecraft, where the player collects resources and gets experience. In adventure mode, the player has health and hunger. Hunger affects the distance the player can go, it can severely limit the range of digs and attacks.

The player can travel by himself or with friends invited to the group. In a group, all players must stay close to each other to be able to interact. They live by building, mining, and attacking. In groups, players can collect materials and distribute them to other players. Inventory is separate and cannot be shared. It is known that PvP will be disabled or not included in the game.

In Minecraft Earth, the player can meet “tapables” – instant mining resources that help the player in the journey. The collected blocks can be used on “building slabs”. Building blocks are worlds that the player can build on. You can make them shared, work for them with the help of invited personalities. Slabs can vary in size, reaching 60 meters.

The player can collect items in a pile alone or with a group. Items can be sold to each other.

The player can meet different versions of mobs that can be captured. They can be bred, they have different degrees of rarity. There will be mobs-bosses.

The game will have microtransactions and in-game currency are rubies (not to be confused with mainline). For them, you can buy building slabs, potions.


Minecraft Earth uses information from OpenStreetMap for maps, and its augmented reality capabilities are based on Microsoft Azure. The game will be free (free-to-play)

At Microsoft Build 2015, the HoloLens team, part of Microsoft, announced an augmented reality version of Minecraft. On may 8, 2019, a teaser trailer was released showing some of the AR modes in Minecraft Earth. On may 17, the 10th anniversary of the original game, Minecraft Earth was officially announced. Microsoft has created a website for players who are ready to sign up for closed beta testing, which will take place in the summer of 2019. Microsoft plans to release the game gradually. Multiplayer gameplay was shown in June 2019 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

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