Project CARS 3 Review – still a great race, but no longer a simulator

What’s happening. The Project CARS series began as a large-scale project of the independent Slightly Mad, which in 2011 launched a fundraiser for the development of the game through its own crowdfunding platform. So the studio managed to raise $ 5 million, and in 2015 it released the first part. The race was praised for the detailing of the cars and tracks, as well as for the plausible simulation, but scolded for the huge number of bugs and the lack of a normal career mode. And many have questions about the physics of machines.

By the second part, Slightly Mad turned its game into one of the most respected car simulators (in 2017, it competed for the title of the best with Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport), but it still did not figure out the main problems of the previous part – a boring campaign and strange physics. (which, nevertheless, many still love).

And now Project CARS 3 is a kind of attempt by the studio, with the support of a large publisher in the person of Bandai Namco, to give players what they lacked in the two previous games. At the same time, however, for some reason it has deprived a third of the hardcore predecessors, shifting the emphasis from simulation to arcade.

How it is played. Project CARS 3 is still not Need for Speed, but it’s not for nothing that many call it Shift 3. It is much easier to learn than the previous two parts of the series, it has much more entertaining content designed to keep the interest of those who came here ” just drive “, and much simpler physics, if, again, compare with the first and second parts. This is not a bad thing: Project CARS 3 is pretty cool to drive, and it is perfect for those who want to use it to understand the intricacies of circuit races (and not only in them), but fans of the series may have complaints about this approach.

But in Project CARS 3, finally, an exciting career mode with a mass of races of various types, two hundred cars, a huge number of tracks, spare parts for tuning and fine-tuning the AI ​​difficulty. If you want to make a very difficult race out of Project CARS 3 with rivals-animals who will knock you off the track, no one will forbid you. On the other hand, it just as easily turns into the best game for getting to know the world of motorsport.

Some, however, may be confused by the local progression system, which boils down to the fact that it is necessary to open new tracks, cars and races by completing special challenges during the races. Not just come to the finish line first, but also ideally go through several turns, overtake so many rivals without collisions, complete a circle in a specific time, and so on. And if you ignore these challenges, then career advancement will have to pay with earned money – the same new races can be opened for a small amount.

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What it looks like. Graphics is another controversial point of Project CARS 3. And okay, it looks like the second part – literally: you have to look for improvements, and it’s not a fact that you will find them. Another thing is that the problems remained the same – poorly rendered environment and poor detailing of everything outside the track. The cars and the tracks themselves, however, are on top. The game looks especially good in car interiors, worked out to the smallest detail.

Whom to take. For those who want to finally figure out why someone loves to play circuit racing games. And understand how to take turns correctly, while playing with a gamepad, without having to buy a steering wheel or, for example, a movable platform that conveys bumps in the road.

Who shouldn’t take it. Fans of the previous two Project CARS may be disappointed that this part is more about arcade races, where it is quite possible to go through corners, crashing into rivals.

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