Review on the game Apex Legends

Apex Legends has every chance of becoming the best first-person shooter. Today it is affordable and anyone can join the battle for free. The developers of the game were guys from the American company Respawn Entertainment diy. There was no loud advertising campaign; the shooter abruptly burst into the market. The project manager is Drew McCoy, and not much information is known about him. However, judging by the quality of the shooter, everything is done honestly. The free-to-play system justifies itself once again. It’s better to give people the opportunity to evaluate the game for free, then they can buy various chips if they wish. Specifically, in this shooter we are talking about this: paid heroes, unique trophies, stunning weapons, comfortable clothes for characters.

Since a large number of people immediately went to the server, it is important to objectively evaluate it (a joke of course) and consider all areas: characters, graphics, gameplay, interface, locations.

Main menu
All the time in sight the image of the protagonist with a signed nickname. Additionally, the level of pumping is displayed. In the upper area of ​​the screen, you can find out the amount of game gold, if any. Below you can go to the server, view contacts or configure the game. From the main menu it is offered to undergo training or immediately go to death.

Pros: no extra icons; character in the center; bright button for battle readiness; hero nickname is displayed.

Cons: a small game settings icon; not the best background.

At the beginning of the battle, it is proposed to decide on the settings. The player is able to activate and deactivate some functions: moving forward; fast run; bounce; tackle while running; sit down. Once in the dash, you first need to replenish the arsenal. Not far from the location there is a hefty capsule, where very useful things are provided: first-aid kit; small incendiary grenade; shrapnel gift for enemies.

Additionally there is a capsule with a firearm: automatic carbine; submachine gun; semi-automatic pistol.

The player is allowed to shoot at various targets, some of them are small and moving. Nearby there are racks and you can take other firearms. During the training, various tasks are performed: Mark weapons. Go to the menu. Mark location on the map. Select ammunition.

To quickly give commands to the boobies of your squad, it is recommended to use hot keys: Busy with video surveillance. I’m going to go. Enemies are close. Gathering the booty. Let’s go forward.

The dash presents a small platform on which you can move freely. First of all, it is proposed to evaluate the sensitivity of the mouse. From the platform, if desired, it is easy to jump and run next to the targets, a friend will be able to shoot. To ensure that the player does not get bored, a friendly robot appears, reporting on a new task – to reanimate the doll. Everything is done with one click, lasting about 3 seconds. To save time, it is allowed to use flying drones, which are also able to replenish health.

Pros: all functions are examined in detail; shooting range is an open area; there is a funny robot.

Cons: The learning process is delayed.

Gameplay game
When the training is over, you can test your strength in the royal battle. Being in the landing ship, the player descends to the terrain, it is important to follow a friend. You can land anywhere. A card is open in front of the player, so places with ammunition are selected. In total, 20 units can be in the location. In order not to be bored, and no one would sit out at the base, the ring service periodically takes place, and you have to move to the center of the location. This increases the chance of players to meet, start to clatter each other. In such a turbulent environment, it is important to stick together. Even at the first narrowing of the ring, the number of units may decrease (weak links disappear).

Detecting the enemy is not so difficult. When they start shooting at you, the direction of fire (tracer) is clearly visible. Rapidly tear down the opponents’ Bosch will not work, the characters have some kind of armor. However, on the server there are people with different skills and youngsters can be destroyed easily. The presence of portals is another feature of the game. From one point to another, you can move in seconds. Such important objects are displayed on the map, many brave fighters with guns are waiting for your arrival. However, the ring narrows and you have to move.

To explore a new place, you can share with a partner, agreeing on this in advance. The game does not make sense to sit in one place, it is better to look for new weapons and track opponents. Death can overtake all of a sudden, here the tactics of height advantage work perfectly. If the player is gape and left without a head, do not hang up the nose, everyone has the right to recovery. This happens after the character is selected. Next, the player again awaits a combat landing from the ship.

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