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Yes, I understand that I am writing about the game late and there is a completely objective reason for this. My old PC could not start it in adequate quality and I had to postpone all the new items until buying a new PC. But finally it happened and I wanted to use the Metro as a stress test for him. I didn’t have any particular hopes for the game, because I didn’t like the previous parts, the more I was surprised at the passage.

As soon as I started talking about the stress test, I’ll make a reservation right away – the graphics in the game are simply amazing. But she will not affect the assessment, because the requirements for ultra settings are too strict, so for the average gamer it will be quite difficult to assess the quality of the picture. I also want to leave behind the choice of platform for the evaluation of the game, this is not relevant. Well, it is worth noting that this will be an absolutely subjective review. I will try as far as I can to describe the game as it is, but for the most part it will be just a story about my personal gaming experience, which will affect the final rating.

2 out of 10
As I said, I did not like the previous parts of the series. This is an artificial limitation of ammunition, these crazy details, such as charging a flashlight that just stretch the gameplay, are pretty stealth (and what kind of stealth can be in the pipe, albeit quite wide), all this annoyed me, and the story, though, was tolerable, but certain absurd details made him just that bearable. He could not pull out the routine. So here, the gameplay has not changed much. It’s all the same stretching the game due to repetitive unnecessary actions. Did you shoot? Well done, now go clean the trunks, craft cartridges, and restore stocks. And, charge a flashlight, and pump air into the pneumatic drive. Oh, and here is a new pack of enemies. Did you shoot? Well done…

Yes, the game has stealth mechanics and in most of the story missions it helps. But, unfortunately, not everywhere, it will not work to sneak past monsters. And outside of the plot tasks, where the player is given the opportunity to pass unnoticed due to strict scripts, you will not be able to be invisible. The benefit against people is not the issue of lack of ammunition. The only thing that amused me from the game mechanics was the customization of weapons. Here it was really possible to make 2 different trunks from one base, and at the same time change the configuration almost on the fly. I repeat, for me it was the only thing that amused, but this is just a trifle. Undoubtedly, such meticulousness in matters of survival will seem to someone to be realism, and perhaps it is so. And it even amuses. The first couple of times. but by the end of the game I wanted to play, not to arrange an expander simulation. In general, playing in the subway was unpleasant for me.

4 out of 10
Even the pseudo-open world of the first chapters did not help. Frankly, it’s easy to catch me on a desire to explore huge locations in search of some interesting places. And sometimes even the gameplay problems could fade against the background of interesting locations. But the problem is that there were very few of these most interesting locations here, and they had to be reached on their own (well, or on four wheels, which is a little faster), because fast movement is for wimps. Yes, the game did not disappear anywhere in the company’s alarming atmosphere in most of the closed areas, where you terrifiedly drive the flashlight from side to side, but only this effect is enough for the plot tasks. But in general, within the framework of this particular game, the open world was rather harmful. He slowed down the pace of the story, he artificially stretched the gameplay due to the extremely long journey to points of interest and vice versa, and did not reward him sufficiently for the time spent. Often, all you get is some sort of extra kit (which is either worse than what you get in the story, or you find it in the story). Less often, but still there are some notes that will expand your understanding of the reality surrounding you. That’s just the concept of the game, as I understand it, makes this knowledge a trifle. Most of the locations we pass as tourists. We ignore the conflicts in it and leave everything as it is, if we do not do worse, and simply leave on, leaving the locals with ours forever. And besides banal curiosity, this knowledge gives us nothing more. In the best (and rare) case, these meetings will give us positive points, which then will affect the outcome, only these locations, as a rule, are on the way to the plot, and open locations for them are not so necessary. Moreover. The concept of traveling through a huge country makes these “open locations” rather ridiculous. What is a couple of kilometers when we drive thousands?

7 out of 10
And here I came to what fascinated me – to travel. What, what, but the developer managed to create a feeling of a long road. For me personally, the subway has become a kind of road movie from the world of video games. The fact that I did not like playing was completely compensated by the pleasure that I experienced during the trip to the local hub – an old steam train called Aurora, on which our brave detachment left Moscow. Honestly, I was able to perceive this game exactly as a movie and the route of the path – as the main storyline. Yes, the plot itself is quite simple and would not be worth a word, if not for what lies behind it. Here our hero is not ready to come to terms with the idea that Moscow and the Metro are the only stronghold of mankind, which forced him to come to the surface over and over and risk his life in search of life beyond the Moscow Ring Road. So he received confirmation and is forced to flee from those who hid the truth, along with their loved ones. And we see tension between the heroes, because they had to give up their usual way of life and go into the unknown. Who knows why the truth is hidden from Moscow? Maybe it’s worse than living underground?

And so they rode out into the clean air and felt the joy of not being constrained by the limited space. And what about the fact that there are some frustrated religious fanatics? They do not climb to us, and why will we climb to them? All this is not empty speculation, but we get from the dialogue between the characters, who not only endow them with characters and create chemistry within our team, but also look absolutely alive. Between missions, we can spend almost an hour on the road (you can skip if you wish), listening to conversations, watching everyday scenes that often do not affect our hero. And this makes us believe – the hero and I are really traveling across the country on an old train with comrades. Someone stands on the site and smokes, discussing the events that have occurred, someone finds his mate, and someone wants adventure. And it does not look feigned. When I watched it, I had the feeling that if it weren’t for me, it would still happen. And this atmosphere of the road completely conquered me.

There were no problems with the voices. Yes, there was a problem with the volume, sometimes the interlocutor was not heard until you look at him and stand close, and sometimes he begins to literally yell in our ears. Yes, the hero is not voiced and it hits some dialogs, especially when they come directly to us with a direct question. “Artem, got it?” “…”. But this is all the little things against the backdrop of the excellent atmosphere of the path. In the end, I just tried to run through the game scenes faster, so that I could be on the road again. During the trip, we will have time to appreciate the beauty of the spring Volga, and summer in the desert, and insanely beautiful views of the taiga. But in the end, everything will come back to where we started. New frozen infected city, not Moscow, but Novosibirsk. Based on the above, many people have a question. Why so

10 out of 10
And it’s all about the emotions that you experience during the game. Each player goes all the way with the team. First, the irony from bizarre sectarians, then the tipping point, when it becomes clear that we will not get help from anyone. The growing alarm and climax during the finale, which will first increase pressure on us, and then gut your emotions for an hour, squeeze it dry and leave us with an ending that completely closes all current issues. The final chapter, having completely abandoned all unnecessary elements, completely sits on the rails of a staged linear plot and it shows that the metro can only be on rails. The finale is a suicidal mission, and this is not the nonsense that was called so in the mass effect. Here, Artyom and I will fully experience the whole range of emotions that a person who consciously goes to death for the sake of the goal experiences. The ending will meet us with a dull silence, interrupted by the crack of a roll-over geiger counter, a constantly flickering indicator “at death” and almost absolute loneliness. I’m afraid that I can’t convey all the emotions that I experienced during this hour and he is the reason to play this game. For him, you can forgive the game all sins. Perhaps such a comprehensive finale as here I have not seen in recent years. Moreover, it does not matter what your ending is – good or bad, it will not get any worse.

The bottom line is that we have a game with an “amateur” gameplay, excellent graphics, although extremely demanding on hardware, a great atmosphere and an almost perfect ending. And if you play for the sake of getting emotions, then this game you will like. Thanks for attention

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