Review on the game The Evil Within 2

I was waiting for the summer sale to buy this “masterpiece” and as a result could not stand it, and bought the key at a discount … The first part is the perfect action-horror game, for which I killed about 100 hours. Almost everything is perfect there, from the plot and the grafon to the music and gameplay, and there is also a DLC. I did not watch or read anything in the second part, for I already knew that her ratings are higher than that of the first, thereby thinking that this game is really several times better than the first part, and, oh gods, how wrong I was. I did not like this game either as a horror, or as an action, or as anything else.

To begin with, all the actors here are new. Kidman – so-so, Sebastian is like Max Payne, which is not at all comparable to horror, the main villains are dumb shit dumb shit. One is a Mamkin artist who creates terrible things that we have not seen in BioShock or in Life Is Strange or anywhere else. About the second, everything was clear from the DLC to the first part. The third of some Outlast. No originality or anything like that. Moreover, in the game we will fight only with two of all the villains. Class, the rest will merge themselves. Oh yes, I’ll not spoil the fourth for you, although you can guess who it will be in the first half of the game. Although only the Administrator has some charisma, he has not been given much time, and, unfortunately, there will not be any battle with him. The dialogs here are finished, long, boring, do not carry anything interesting in themselves, but this game needs them to kill all the horror, and turn it into a pure action, which will supposedly be with elements of some kind of drama, to at least somehow add a game time, and even try to squeeze a player’s tear. And here there are additional missions, crafting, and so much more dofiganuzhnogo, just a paradise for a fan of the first part or even the entire TEW universe. After all, there are so many new pieces in the game, the developers do not stand still, improve, add new features, etc. Is not that great?

Why run through the levels yourself, collect various clues to understand what is happening? No, let’s better explain everything in words to you, put it in STEM, and then you continue to mess up as you want. Oh, and we’ll just add a bunch of minor characters to completely kill the whole atmosphere of horror, there’s no sense from them anyway, only ext. assignments give, you have time to get attached, and that’s not a fact, only to one person, and only at the very end, but all this will happen in a pseudo-open world. How do you like it? In general, the plot here is far-fetched, the first half of the game you suffer from crap, then at least something more or less interesting begins, the last chapters are my respect, no cut scenes, unusual locations, everything is shown and told during the gameplay, So it was necessary to do it initially, and not to shove it to the very end. Yes, the finale is a little delayed, but again, the last episodes are very atmospheric and interesting, and in general do not look like anything that was before, even the first part.

Graphics improved, removed cinematic stripes, thank you very much. Now no one needs to change anything in the console or in the config. It’s impossible to find fault with the quality of the picture itself, but … Yes, there are good effects and textures here, but what is the use of it if there is absolutely no atmosphere in the game? Yes, there is a good animation of faces, but what good is it, if not a single character is really revealed, and you just do not care for everyone who surrounds you? The only thing I liked was the fire. In some places, and even in the same battle with the boss, he already looks very spectacular.

The gameplay here is just 0 points. The world is now pseudo-open, you now have a map, missions are given to you, even additional ones are available if you want. The puzzle in the game, if not mistaken, in general, only one, lol. No secrets, no riddles, no traps, yes, or something like that. If you have any tasks, then you will definitely know what lies ahead. What will be the boss, what will be the enemies, etc. They took a few things from the first part, even took the bosses from the first part, which, by the way, are the only bosses that I liked, but, unfortunately, they go very easily. The last boss resembles Dead Space … any … If before there were some riddles, moments where you had to wait for something or defend someone, and it was, damn interesting, then in the second part you, if, and you see something like that, then it will not be as exciting as before. I was only pleased with the time dilation feature, and that was already in the Quantum Break game, which was released earlier than TEW2.

Stealth is completely absent. In the open world, it does not exist at all, because you can calmly agitate the enemies, and either take them to some place, and then run away, or not pay attention to them at all. In some places there will be something like a mini-boss, and quite large in size. But thanks to the simply mechanized game mechanics, you can safely run from him to the refuge without having him, without hiding, without doing anything at all.

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