Review on the game Total War: Arena

Friends, it happened! After almost a year of stagnation, the game came out to, although not by many, but still to people’s hands. I tested, tried, savored this game at the last iteration of the CBT cycle, after which I disappeared from it for half a year, and when I wanted to return, I found that the game went underground for some reason. On this, my thread of interest in it was lost until recently, but, however, this is a completely different story ..

The game, I must say, is worth the candle and the time you spend on it. But .. from her radically bombed. Like any other games from Wargaming, the same World of Tanks. Annoying (annoying, I write about my feelings about the game since my last gaming session) the specific presence of cerebrospinal fluid in the heads of your allies in the absence of anything necessary for team work. The game causes a storm of emotions, most often negatively aggressive, because any player in any of the Total War games from the start and almost to the very end is a cut above any other players who then ran into the opened beta. This is worth considering.

It’s not in vain that I write in the first meaningful review about this, because neither the game’s bugs (which I haven’t tried in the new version), neither the imbalance of cards and generals, nor the accident will cause such a variety of colors of emotions as interaction with your cellmates with which you were locked on the same card until the end of the match. Not taking bases or points will be your main gameplay, but that is. Therefore, if after these lines you, dear reader, the game still does not cause unpleasant warming in the lower part of the lower back, but causes only healthy competitive interest, then we drove about the game itself.

Young children often ask each other: “Who is stronger, Hulk or tank? Bear or shark? Superman or Batman? “The creators of the game turned this question with the head of a mare to its causal place and asked:” Who is stronger, Scipio or Macedonian? Spartak or Germanicus? ”, And placed the most famous generals of antiquity in one metaphysical universe, where they have to fight each other to answer this question. Each general was given in submission three detachments of various soldiers, from each according to his specialty, to each according to his needs. Naturally, the game turns into a large-scale competition “rock-paper-scissors” on all fronts, since we have generals interlocking each other in a circle and the same units interlocking each other. Some are more effective against others and powerless against others. The standard situation, it would seem, if it weren’t for THINKS THIS SAME LEONID AGAINST CAESAR … ahem, yes.

This is the main salt of the game. After the games of the same mechanics from Wargaming (let’s not forget that the main developers of this miracle are Creative Assembly), the mechanics of Total War: Arena are much expanded through the possibility of microcontrol of three squads, which is why much more interaction tactics are available. It is these three squads and their proper use that should lead you to victory so that Uncle Alexander is not ashamed in heaven for your crooked hands, reader. Each squad is pumped in the same way as a spherical tank in a vacuum in the same spherical game about tactics in a vacuum. For the military merits of a detachment in battle (one particular detachment) give him experience (detachment), money (shared per account) and free experience (shared per account), which you then manage, deciding to buy those beautiful red caps or dig up your privates a couple of fights on new privates. Experience is awarded for the damage done or sustained. Money is spent on replenishing losses after the battle. Match line-up system + \ – 2, we all have already seen this. Maps – a copy of the historical. The system of flashes, scatter … Further, it makes no sense to list, since the combat system is taken entirely from Total War, and the multiplayer interaction itself and the progress branch with the currency from WoT similar games.

Of course, the game is not without drawbacks, the ordinary terry imbalance in the commanders, in the cards, and so on, has not gone away. But here, however, is also nothing new. Due to the fact that now the keys are distributed in a more economical way, having bought Total War: Rome, to some other personalities, bloggers, there are probably not so many frankly problematic teammates, as well as just teammates. On this STB, it is very likely that there will be a sharp hunger in people when searching for a game session. Most likely, it will play well only at certain hours, when there will be a crowd of people at computers after work and household chores. Again, there is no getting around when describing the game from the problems that are created by the people who play it …

You should at least familiarize yourself with the game if you have a key, or get a key if you have such an opportunity. From me a rating of 8: +8 for the idea, +2 for Total War (I really love this series of games), -1 for imbalance and -1 for teammates.

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